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by OMG - October 26, 2021

Reducing the amount of dust in your home to a minimum is an essential aspect of cleaning. Not only does it contain skin particles, grime, and dander, but it might also contain certain chemicals that are potentially toxic. This is why it’s necessary to remove dust in the most efficient way.

To make sure your home is properly cleaned of dust, you can reach out to one of the dependable cleaning services in Lake Worth. But, you can also do it successfully on your own if you follow these tips. Read on. How-to-Dust-Your-Home-Like-a-Pro

What is the best thing to dust with?

While your vacuum cleaner can be of great help here, the best tool you should choose for dusting depends on the area or surface that you want to dust. Take a look at these common dusting areas and what to use there.


The best solution for your baseboards is a microfiber cloth and an all‐purpose cleaner or just some water. Dampen the cloth with any of these two liquids and simply run over the surface, leaving it dust-free.


A microfiber cloth will do an excellent job for your electronics as well, but make sure you’ve unplugged the device before you start cleaning. When it comes to the dust laying around the vents and cords, you should vacuum it in order to prevent the clogging of your outlets or machines.


To properly remove dust from your walls, the most efficient way is using your vacuum attachments. These can reach any corner or crevice, leaving your walls fresh and clean.


Your vents require a different procedure since they can accumulate quite a lot of dust and dirt, and you don’t want those particles running through your vent system. So first, you should use an electrostatic mop or a soft‐brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Next, wipe down using a damp microfiber cloth. Finally, you should rinse and then airdry any removable and washable filters.

Stuffed toys

You can take any of your child’s soft toys, from teddy bears to fabric dolls, and put them in a big plastic bag. Then, add one cup of baking soda and make sure to close the bag well. Take the bag outside and then shake it for a couple of minutes. The static and baking soda will remove the dust. Finally, take the toys out one by one, shake off the soda, and vacuum the toys with the brush attachment.

How can I make dusting easier?

While dusting doesn’t really require a lot of elbow grease, there are ways to make it easier. Follow these steps for efficient dusting:


Rule number one for dusting and any kind of cleaning is to start from the top and finish at the bottom. This prevents upper-level dust from falling on the lower ones that you have just cleaned.

Turn on the fan

Another way to deal with the dust that flies around while you’re actually dusting is to turn the HVAC fan on before you start to dust. The fan will take the dust to the filters, where it will be trapped.

How-can-I-make-dusting-easierWhere can I book dependable cleaning services in Lake Worth?

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