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Our mission at Yorleny’s is to provide highly individualized house cleaning and home disinfection services to residents of Westgate and beyond. To achieve this goal, we have a meticulous selection process for our technicians, which includes a comprehensive in-person interview. We make sure that our house cleaners possess adequate levels of skill and are willing to go above and beyond to deliver top-of-the-line results. This is our way of ensuring the happiness of our clients.

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Our maid service is tailored to your needs

We strive to provide house & apartment cleaning services that will stand out in our clients’ minds. Our main goal is meeting the needs and preferences of our customers in Westgate. Using the most advanced technology, we want to make sure your home gets spick and span without you having to move the least bit. Our devoted professionals will take the utmost care to give a new look to your home.

Advantages of hiring expert house cleaners in Westgate

Our rigorously trained specialists are capable of providing a wide range of services. From comprehensive home disinfection and move-in/out clean-ups, to rental or post-construction upkeep, they’ll go the extra mile to make you satisfied. Over the years, our team members distinguished themselves as:

  • Qualified & Experienced
  • Background checked
  • Accountable & trustworthy
  • Vetted in-person

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We have developed a handy booking system to ensure you reach your house cleaners in only a few clicks. Pick up the time and date of your choice and get your appointment today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I clean before the housekeeper comes?

To make things easier for your housekeeper, you may take care of some simple chores in your home in Westgate or some of the surrounding places. For example, you may wash the dishes or do the laundry so that your cleaner can focus on other, more complicated tasks in your home.

What is the best day to have your house cleaned?

Probably some of the days in the middle of the week. If you schedule your maid service for Tuesday or Wednesday, you can count on house cleaners being more available to come to your home as the majority of people prefer to order sessions during the weekend or on Monday.

Is it better to clean by room or by task?

More effective house cleaning services are generally delivered by task. If you, for example, start with dusting, it may be more convenient to cover the entire home before switching tasks than to start with another task in the same room and then get back to dusting for another one.

What is the 20/10 rule of cleaning?

This rule involves devoting 20 minutes to a task and then taking a 10-minute break. Some of the most experienced house cleaners in Westgate employ this strategy to ensure maximum productivity in a wide range of homes.

Who provides high-level house cleaning services in Westgate, FL & surrounding areas?

If you need detail-oriented and highly effective cleaning in Palm Beach County, Yorleny’s Cleaning Service is your go-to company. Our extensive network of customers and devoted team of seasoned house cleaners are what makes us stand above our competition. Equipped with the knowledge of the latest trends, our pros offer:

Our experts are ready to disinfect and sanitize your entire home while you take a walk to the nearby Mounts Botanical Garden with your family. Order your appointment today!