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Whether you’re a property owner preparing for new tenants or a renter moving into a new apartment, you can greatly benefit from expert cleaning service. Here at Yorleny’s Cleaning Service, we offer Move In / Move Out Cleaning in Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, Jupiter, Lake Worth, West Lake, West Palm Beach, Juno Beach, Jupiter Farms and other neighborhoods. Our team follows an extensive cleaning checklist and will help you attract new tenants, get your deposit back, or prepare your new home. You can also count on our fair fixed fees, easy online scheduling, and prime customer care. Move with ease – contact us!

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  • Seasoned & skilled specialists
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We understand the importance of receiving top-rated Move In / Move Out Cleaning. This is why we cover our services with a satisfaction guarantee. This means that you, our client, have the right to report a problem with your move-in/out cleaning and we’ll resolve the issue within 24 hours. Additionally, if you still feel that we haven’t lived up to your expectations, we will give you your money back.

Experts in Move In and Move Out Cleaning

Qualified & Experienced

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Interviewed In-Person

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Our team consists of trustworthy, skilled, and experienced experts in move-out cleaning in West Palm Beach, Jupiter Farms, Juno Beach, and the nearby region. Before joining our team, cleaning professionals must pass our strict screening process that entails in-depth background and reference checks, as well as character assessment. This enables us to find dedicated and diligent cleaners with hands-on experience in move-out/in cleaning. Additionally, our cleaners are covered by insurance and bond, bringing our clients a high level of security. With our help, you’ll get through the moving process without any stress or hassle.

Leave Move In / Move Out Cleaning to the pros

Stop worrying about cleaning & focus on other moving arrangements. Let our experts handle Move In / Move Out Cleaning for you!


Our booking & payment process brings convenience

Preparing your new home or leaving your old one brings a long list of tasks. Thanks to us, cleaning doesn’t have to be one of them. Schedule our move-in/move-out cleaning service in Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Westlake, or the nearby areas by simply filling out our online form or using our straightforward app. You can save time while paying too because we offer a cash-free method that protects your personal information. The best of all? Our pricing is transparent, based on hourly or flat rates, and with no extra costs.

What is Move In Cleaning?

Move In Cleaning is a specialized type of cleaning that tackles the challenges in a new home. If you’re planning to move, you can hire a professional team of cleaners to get your future home ready for you and your family. The cleaners will follow a move in cleaning checklist and address some common challenges that the previous owners/tenants may have overlooked. 

Yorleny’s Cleaning Service is your go-to provider of Move In Cleaning in Loxahatchee, Loxahatchee Groves, The Acreage, Juno Beach, Jupiter Farms, and the area. Our team is ready to take over your cleaning chores so that you can focus on other moving tasks. With our help, you will be able to move to a fresh home environment free from allergens and germs. 

What is Move Out Cleaning?

On the other hand, Move Out Cleaning helps you leave your former home in pristine condition. Scheduling Move Out cleaning service offers important perks:

  • Tenants can get their deposit back from their landlords. 
  • Tenants can stay compliant with their lease agreement. 
  • Property owners can boost the appeal of their rentals. 
  • Landlords can attract responsible and caring tenants.
  • Landlords can increase the rental price

Thus, if you need to schedule move-out cleaning in Lake Worth, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter Farms, or or the region,, Yorleny’s Cleaning Service is at your disposal. Our team can help both tenants and property owners, offering dependable, in-depth cleaning assistance. While we handle the cleaning, you can take a break from moving and explore the area’s local attractions such as Mounts Botanical Garden or Peanut Island. With us, moving is fun and stress-free!

What is the difference between a Standard Clean and Move Out Clean?

Unlike regular or Standard Cleaning, Move Out Cleaning is typically more comprehensive, addressing a greater number of cleaning issues in a home. Move Out Cleaning requires a more detailed approach, which is why it’s important that you find experienced cleaners who offer this type of service. 

Here at Yorleny’s Cleaning Service, you can rely on our team because they’ve handled an array of Move Out Cleaning issues in Juno Beach, Jupiter Farms, Westlake, Loxahatchee, Palm Beach, and the surrounding areas. Whether you need us to clean your apartment after your tenants have moved out or help you get your deposit back, we’ll provide our service with care, precision, and efficiency.

Why should I do a Move In clean?

It’s highly recommended that you perform detailed Move In Cleaning before you relocate to your new home in Jupiter Farms, West Palm Beach, Juno Beach, or any of the surrounding areas.

Although the previous tenants or owners of the house probably handled at least some of the work, you can’t rest assured that they did everything the way you like it. For example, they may have left some stubborn staining behind or they might have forgotten to take care of certain areas of the house. 

Also, doing chores is much easier before you move your furniture in. Since hygiene is such an important staple of a healthy lifestyle, this is definitely a step you shouldn’t skip now that you’re starting fresh in a new home.

What are the best tips for Move In Cleaning?

If you’re about to perform your Move In Cleaning in Juno Beach, Jupiter Farms, West Palm Beach, or any of the nearby areas, you’re in for a lot of work. Since it can get overwhelming and exhausting, your best bet is to contact a professional crew and let them do it for you. However, if you prefer doing it yourself, you’ll benefit from knowing some handy tips and tricks:

  • Start from the refrigerator: Your perishable foods need a home quickly so they don’t spoil, so begin by taking care of the fridge. Vinegar or even lemon can do wonders when it comes to sanitizing it.
  • Use baking soda and vinegar: Since you’re cleaning extensively, there will be lots of chemicals involved. Switch some of them for this all-natural alternative that removes stubborn stains.
  • Handle dirty grout: Grimy grout has a huge negative impact on the look of your bathroom. It’s tough to get rid of, but a mixture of equal parts bleach and water can be very effective.

Should I hire a Move In / Move Out Cleaning service or do it myself?

Move Out and Move In Cleaning need to take a detailed approach. This means that, whether you decide to hire professionals or do it on your own, the tasks at hand have to be done thoroughly and efficiently. Since moving puts families under pressure and causes a lot of stress, booking expert cleaning can be a lifesaver. 

Here are some of the reasons why many people choose to schedule specialist move-out/move-in cleaning instead of taking care of it single-handedly:

  • Professionals perform better quality cleaning because they have the training and experience
  • It takes the stress out of your move because cleaning is one fewer thing to worry about
  • It gives you more time to focus on packing and organizing for your upcoming move

Whether you’re moving to or from Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Westlake, Juno Beach, West Palm Beach, or the area, your move can be made easy with the help of Yorleny’s Cleaning Services. 

How long is Move Out Cleaning?

How long it will take your cleaning team to clean a property after you’ve moved out will depend on several factors:

  • The size of the property. The experts will need more time to clean a five-bedroom house than a two-bedroom apartment. 
  • The current hygiene levels. If the property hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned in a while, cleaners will need more time to get the job done. On the other hand, if you’ve recently cleaned the apartment, your team will be able to render their service much faster. 
  • The cleaners’ experience. Hiring experienced and qualified cleaners will definitely speed things up. An expert team will have a proven approach, top-notch supplies, and the ability to anticipate possible obstacles. 

By reaching out to us, you’ll be able to count on an efficient move-out cleaning service in Wellington, The Acreage, Loxahatchee Groves, North Palm Beach, and beyond. Our team has handled a great number of Move Out Cleanings and developed a tried-and-tested approach that enables them to finish a job in a timely manner. Just reach out to us & we’ll do our best to meet your needs within the given time frame.

How clean should your house be when you move out?

In general, you should make sure that your former home is in good condition before you relocate. If you’ve sold the property, it is a common courtesy to hand over the property to the new owners in a presentable state. In case you were living in a rented home, you will be expected to meet certain standards of cleanliness to get your whole deposit back. Your landlord will carefully inspect the property for any signs of subpar maintenance.

Yorleny’s Cleaning Service will perform comprehensive move-out cleaning that will take the responsibility of cleaning off your hands and clear up your schedule so that you can focus on your move. You can count on meeting your landlord’s standards and receiving your deposit in full.

How do I disinfect my house before moving in?

Disinfection is a necessity, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Conducting thorough disinfection before you settle in your new home is recommended. It will eliminate traces of potentially harmful pathogens and give you your peace of mind. Several steps should be taken to ensure the process is successful:

  • Wear protective gloves
  • Use EPA-approved disinfectants, following the instructions
  • Clean first and disinfect afterwards
  • Allow for adequate dwell time so the disinfectant can work
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds afterwards

How much does a Move In / Move Out Cleaning cost?

The price of your move-in or Move Out cleaning will depend on several factors. Here are a few things that could influence the costs of the service:

  • The size of your property
  • The current state of the home
  • Whether you request any additional cleaning tasks

Contact us today to receive a free price estimate for your move-out or move-in cleaning in West Palm Beach, Juno Beach, Jupiter Farms, Lake Worth, Royal Palm Beach, The Acreage or the nearby communities. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have and do our best to find a solution that works for you.

What should I look for when hiring a Move In / Move Out cleaning service?

Choosing a cleaning company that will live up to your expectations can be difficult, especially while you’re in the middle of a stressful move. There are several things to consider when you’re looking for the right match:

  • Easy communication: If the company is ready to hear you out and accommodate for requests, it’s a sign of professionalism and dedication.
  • Rave reviews: Check out the company’s online presence and look for customer reviews to see what others say about it.
  • Vetted, insured, and bonded cleaners: Your cleaning crew should be true experts in the field.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: A reliable Move In / Move Out cleaning service in Juno Beach, Jupiter Farms, West Palm Beach, or the region promises to go above and beyond to make you happy.

Here at Yorleny’s Cleaning Service, we boast these and many other qualities. Take advantage of our easy booking and schedule top-quality Move In / Move Out Cleaning in Loxahatchee, Loxahatchee Groves, Palm Beach, Westlake, and the vicinity.

Do you offer services other than Move In / Move Out Cleaning near me?

Yorleny’s Cleaning Service is a trusted choice among homeowners, rental owners, and tenants across the area. In addition to specialized move-in/out cleaning, you can rely on us to deliver regular house cleaning in Royal Palm Beach and the nearby areas, including but not limited to Jupiter, Jupiter Farms, Wellington, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Juno Beach, and Lake Worth.

Our team of cleaning professionals can help you maintain a clean, healthy home for you and your family, 

What’s more, we also offer professional Airbnb cleaning in the Royal Palm Beach region, assisting hosts in promoting their properties and attracting top travelers. Our team has the skills and equipment needed for any type of cleaning, including expert-grade realtor cleanings across Palm Beach County, so feel free to schedule an appointment.