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Our company is the premier choice for various house and apartment cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale and other communities in the area. Additionally, our diligent professionals offer expert service, raising the bar for tidiness. Ultimately, our mission is to help you reclaim your leisure time.

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Our maid services are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Our competent house cleaners consider it their ultimate goal to consistently exceed our customers' expectations. However, in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with how we carried out the tasks you hired us for, please contact us immediately. We will promptly send someone to your Fort Lauderdale residence to address the problematic area. We take immense pride in our outstanding reputation and readily go out of our way to ensure your full satisfaction.

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What makes our house cleaners in Fort Lauderdale stand out

We are equipped to cater to diverse requirements. Moreover, our extensive experience in this industry enables us to meet a wide range of different needs, including supplying regular, one-time, move in / move out, home disinfection, and deep cleaning services. Our team is readily available to ensure that your property is presentable at all times, and we are proud to have crew members who are:

  • Diligent & highly trained
  • Devoted to your happiness
  • Vetted, insured & bonded
  • Extensively experienced

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We value our customers' time, so we've developed a top-of-the-line scheduling system. This system allows you to book a house or apartment cleaning service in just a minute or two!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a recurring house or apartment cleaning service?

When you schedule a recurring maid service in Fort Lauderdale, it means that the company you choose will automatically send their house cleaners to your place at previously agreed-upon intervals. For most people, this usually means once per week, once every other week, or once a month.

What does vetted cleaners mean?

This means that these house cleaners have undergone a strict vetting process to ensure they’re trustworthy, experienced individuals with a strong work ethic. Additionally, reputable companies implement a rigorous screening process, including background checks, interviews, tests, and more.

What to do before a deep house cleaning?

Ensure your house cleaners in Fort Lauderdale have easy access to tidy up areas. This involves decluttering and relocating heavy furniture obstructing their work. Additionally, if you have pets, consider temporarily relocating or confining them to ensure they don’t interfere with the cleaning crew.

What is the best disinfectant for your home?

As a general rule, it’s imperative to exclusively use EPA-approved disinfectants in your cleaning routine, guaranteeing both effectiveness and safety. Rest assured, our home disinfection service employs these trusted products, providing you with peace of mind regarding the cleanliness and safety of your home environment. Moreover, our commitment to using EPA-approved disinfectants underscores our dedication to delivering optimal results in every cleaning session.

Where can I book expert apartment & house cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale, FL & nearby?

As one of the leading maid service providers in Palm Beach County and beyond, Yorleny’s is your go-to choice when you want to make sure your residence is looking and smelling its best. Apart from Fort Lauderdale, we operate across many communities in Florida, so feel free to call if you need:

You can count on our help regardless of whether your residence is situated right next to the Las Olas River House or out at the outskirts of the city. Reach out to us today!

How can premier house cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale elevate your home?

Elevate Your Home with Premier House Cleaning Services in Fort Lauderdale. Our meticulous professionals ensure every nook and cranny shines. Moreover, with our tailored solutions, your space is transformed into a haven of cleanliness. Additionally, our commitment to excellence guarantees satisfaction with every visit. Furthermore, experience convenience and quality as we streamline your cleaning routine. Ultimately, reclaim your leisure time and enjoy a refreshed home with our top-tier services.

How often should you clean your home in South Florida?

Maintaining a clean home in South Florida is vital, given the region’s warm and humid climate. To combat the challenges posed by these conditions, establishing a regular cleaning schedule is essential. Daily cleaning routines are particularly crucial to address immediate cleanliness needs. Additionally, weekly deep cleaning sessions help prevent the accumulation of dust, mold, and allergens. Furthermore, incorporating monthly maintenance tasks ensures a consistently clean and healthy living environment. By striking the right balance between daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning, residents can enjoy a comfortable and hygienic home in South Florida’s tropical climate.