How to Vacuum Like a Pro | Cleaning Services Near Me In Lake Worth

by OMG - September 29, 2021

While most people vacuum their homes without thinking about the technique or whether they’re doing it the right way, there actually is a proper way you should be vacuuming. If you simply plug in the machine and go over your entire home as quickly as possible, then you’re not doing it correctly.

You can always go for professional house cleaning services and book one of the dependable companies in Lake Worth to make sure it’s all done properly, but you can also follow our useful tips and start vacuuming your home like a pro. Read on to find out how.

Is it better to vacuum fast or slow?Guide-to-Vacuuming-Like-a-Pro

Not only do people tend to vacuum fast, but they also do it vigorously believing that it’s the best way to remove dirt. The truth is, dust and debris just start flying around that way. Even if your vacuum cleaner is super strong, it still takes time to properly suck up the smallest particles from your carpet. This is why you should slow down and allow your machine to do the work.

How do you vacuum like a pro?

Apart from slow vacuuming, there are more things you can do to improve the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner and reduce dirt and dust to the minimum. Here’s how to become a vacuuming expert:

Keep your cleaner clean

Whether you have a vacuum bag or a canister machine, you need to make sure that air can flow through it properly. To keep your vacuum at its most efficient, you should empty it after every single use and perform a more detailed clean-up once a month.

Go both directions

If you vacuum in one direction only, you won’t have the carpet fibers cleaned on all sides. So, once you’ve covered the room north to south, make sure you go over it east to west as well. That way, you will loosen the dirt and make it easier for the vacuum to suck it up.

Use the attachments

Don’t forget about the attachments and use them to deal with the edges of your room. Vacuum these first and then move on to the rest of the carpet. No matter how good the head of your cleaner is, it just can’t get out all the dust from the edges and they will eventually get darker in color and look dirty and worn out.

Keep your routine

If you avoid vacuuming until your carpets look dirty, dust and debris will stick so tightly to the fibers that you’ll need to deep clean the carpet to properly remove them. Also, depending on the traffic around your home, different areas will need different cleaning frequency. For areas with less traffic, once or twice a week will suffice. However, for high‐traffic areas, it’s necessary to vacuum every other day.

Another important part of the routine is dusting before vacuuming because dust flies around while you’re wiping it down. Make sure to use a good duster that makes dust stick to it rather than just move it around. How-do-you-vacuum-like-a-pro

Where can I book excellent house cleaning services in Lake Worth?

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