Cleaning Tips for Your Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic: Part 2

by YCS - April 22, 2020

You might have been managing to keep your home sparkling clean so far, but with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, you may need to introduce certain changes to your standard cleaning routine. Of course, if you want to be 100% sure that your home is perfectly safe and virus-free, you can always contact local house cleaning services.

The trained & experienced professionals from Palm Beach County and the area possess great expertise in the field and will know how to properly disinfect and clean your household without exposing you and your family to risk.

For more useful information, cast a glance at these crucial Coronavius cleaning tips and learn how to stay safe:

How to clean high-touch surfaces effectively?How to clean high-touch surfaces effectively

When cleaning your house against COVID-19, you need to address every room in your home and pay special attention to all the high-touch surfaces that you come in contact with many times during the day. These may include the following:

  • Dining table,
  • Kitchen and bathroom countertops,
  • Light switches,
  • Doorknobs,
  • Door handles,
  • Electronic devices such as phones, computers, keyboards, and similar,
  • Toys, etc.

You should first use a regular cleaning solution, or soap and water, to clean any dirt and dust from them. Once you’ve made sure that they are clean enough, you can apply an EPA-approved disinfectant and leave them to dry out.

Create a cleaning schedule

Considering how easily the virus can transfer from one surface to another, it’s extremely important to create a daily and weekly cleaning schedule and stick to it. While high-touch surfaces should be sanitized every day, other parts of your home can be cleaned once a week.

However, in addition to following your routine, you can always keep a pack of disinfectant wet wipes at hand and use them to quickly clean hard surfaces around your household. In case your kids use these objects, or if the food comes in direct contact with them, you should make sure to rinse the surface with water after disinfecting it.

Trap the virus before it spreads

If you want to ensure that the virus won’t spread throughout your house, you need to start your cleaning routine in the hallway. Every time when you come back home, you should take off your shoes at the entrance and use a spray disinfectant or a wipe to sanitize your mobile phone, keys, etc. as well as a hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands before washing them in the bathroom. If you follow this simple protocol, you’ll significantly decrease the chances of the virus getting into your home and thus make your cleaning routine much less stressful.

What DIY cleaning products are effective against COVID-19?

Natural cleaners like vinegar, tea tree, and other essential oils can be used as cleaning solutions in general, but they are NOT effective against the Coronavirus. Instead, you should stick to proven cleaning products that you may even find in your pantry or the medicine cabinet.

For example, if you have rubbing alcohol at home, you may dilute it in water and use it to disinfect hard surfaces. For killing the Coronavirus, its concentration shouldn’t be below 70%.

Other great alternatives are a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution (it needs 6 to 8 minutes to work) and household bleach mixed with water. It’s enough to add a third of a cup of bleach per gallon of water to get a powerful disinfectant.What DIY cleaning products

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