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Serving Jupiter Farms and the neighboring communities for many years, Yorleny’s Cleaning Service provides reliable house cleaning services tailored to individual needs and requirements. Our proficient cleaners utilize a time-tested approach and a range of first-rate equipment to make your living space squeaky clean. On top of that, we closely follow all guidelines regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Say goodbye to germs and grime, enlist the help of our meticulous house cleaners!

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Our approach is all about honesty and transparency, as we consider keeping your trust and satisfaction as our top priority. Our dedicated experts can assure that you get the best experience and not just the run-of-the-mill house cleaning service. If you happen to notice that some part of your household has been handled below the expected standard, call us again. We’ll send someone out as soon as possible to tackle the issue at hand and put your worries to rest.


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Apart from packages that involve thorough and detail-oriented house and apartment cleaning services, with disinfection included, we offer other options as well. We can clean your residence if you’re relocating or spruce up your Airbnb flat in Jupiter Farms or any of the surrounding areas. Select the time-slot that fits best with your daily schedule, then our highly motivated specialists will arrive at your address and spruce up your property. You’ll come to realize quickly why our service makes a difference. 

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Reap the benefits of our convenient online booking platform and receive a gift of time by hiring our competent house cleaners.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are basic cleaning services?

Basic or standard cleaning services entail tasks such as moping open surfaces and floors, dusting countertops, wiping down mirrors and inside parts of windows, dusting furniture, and vacuuming floors and rugs. These are all parts of a standard checklist. In addition, professionals can help you with washing your bathtubs, toilets, sinks and throwing out the trash. 

What is the fastest way to clean a whole house?

Usually, a professional has enough experience to tackle each task with efficiency, so it’s your ticket to a pristine home. If you choose to clean yourself, you can try splitting the housework into individual tasks and going from the top to the bottom. Dust high cabinets, blinds and countertops first, then wipe down vertical surfaces, then mop and vacuum floors and rugs. You would therefore spare time and wouldn’t have to duplicate the effort.

How many hours a week do I need a maid service?

This depends on the overall footage of your house, the number of open surfaces and how long it takes before you notice that you need professional help. If you have kids  running back and forth from the yard to just grab something to eat from the fridge, it’s likely they will make at least some mess in the kitchen.

Per usual, average weekly assistance takes about 3 – 5 hours for a 2-bedroom home. Any additional, detailed upkeep usually adds an hour or so, so you should always check with your local provider.  

What areas in my home should I disinfect?

All surfaces that appear dirty should first be cleaned with soap and water, or other dedicated products. Then, you should use specialized disinfectant products to remove potentially harmful microorganisms. Finally, you should also focus on high-contact areas, such as work desks, tabletops, doorknobs, taps, keyboards, computer screens, bathtub, toilet-seats etc. 

Where can I hire dependable house cleaners in Jupiter Farms and beyond?

Jupiter Farms is a peaceful community to live in, situated between the lush Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge and Hungryland Slough Canal, it provides for a harmonious family life and agriculture. Of course, if you have many daily responsibilities tending to your ranch, you’re not likely to have enough time to keep your house fresh and clean. Luckily for you and your neighbors, a team of friendly house cleaning professionals are just a call away. 

Here at Yorleny’s Cleaning Service we offer comprehensive house cleaning assistance across Palm Beach County and beyond. Our stringently selected experts can tackle all open surfaces and help you with seasonal upkeep and make your home germ-free and healthy for all residents. Apart from Jupiter Farms, our clients can count on us for trustworthy residential maintenance in West Palm Beach and client-focused house disinfection services in Acreage.

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