5 Things to Never Vacuum | Lake Worth Gardens Cleaning Services

by OMG - September 29, 2021

While it might be tempting to get out your vacuum cleaner and quickly deal with a mess that has just been made, keep in mind, not everything should be vacuumed. Certain things may damage your machine and it’s better to clean them up with a broom instead.

There are many reliable companies in Lake Worth Gardens where you can book excellent cleaning services and have professionals vacuum your home, just to be sure it’s done properly. But, if you want to do it on your own and avoid sucking up the wrong mess, take a look at the following list of things you should never vacuum.

Things-You-Should-Never-VacuumWhat can you not vacuum?

Your vacuum cleaner can deal with a lot of things on its way, but some of them can seriously damage it. These are the situations when your broom and dustpan step in or when it’s time to use the good ol’ mop.

Kitchen spills

While you can still suck up dry spills such as salt or sugar, you should never use your vacuum for salads, fresh produce, or any kind of wet foods. These can not only clog the machine, but also damage the motor. Even if it’s a really small amount of food, damage can be avoided, but it can spoil inside the vacuum and eventually start to smell.


Using a vacuum to deal with a liquid spill is not a good solution. Obviously, it can damage the vacuum, but a more severe outcome is you experiencing an electric shock. While there are vacuums specially designed to suck up liquid, there are much simpler ways to get rid of a liquid spill. Washcloths, paper towels, and mops will perfectly do the job.

Large glass pieces

Picking up broken pieces of glass is never a comfortable thing to do, but there are other ways to deal with it instead of vacuuming them. Larger pieces can easily rip the bag, and you’ll instantly have the contents of it all around the place. If you don’t feel like touching the broken glass, simply use a brush and a dustpan to sweep it up.

Small toys and coins

We tend to find coins in the strangest places around the home, and when you have small children, those tiny toys or their pieces almost always get in the way of your vacuum. Unfortunately, they are not harmless to your machine ‐ they can even ruin the motor. The best way to prevent this is to check the floors before you start to vacuum.


When the soil and dirt from your shoes end up on the carpet, do not vacuum it. If you do, you risk staining your carpet and making the particles go deeper into the fibers. Also, wet soil can create issues with the motor. So instead, It’s best to pick up large particles using a spoon. Let the rest dry overnight and then sweep it.

What-can-you-not-vacuumWhere in Lake Worth Gardens to book dependable cleaning services?

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