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We’re your go-to providers of a wide range of house and apartment cleaning and disinfection services across Lake Clarke Shores and all other nearby areas. Our crew of devoted and meticulous experts have the skills and the experience to perform a comprehensive service that will introduce a new standard of cleanliness into your home. We’re dedicated to relieving you from the stress of home upkeep and giving you back your free time.

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We’ve taken the time and put in the effort to assemble a team of skilled and experienced professionals capable of meeting our high standards of quality. All our technicians undergo a stringent vetting and screening process, as well as in-depth interviews and background checks before we welcome them into your crew. This is how we ensure your maximum satisfaction. However, should they miss a spot or two, notify us immediately and we’ll send a house cleaner to take care of it ASAP.

The skill & experience of our house cleaners is at your disposal

We offer entirely individualized home cleaning and disinfection to Lake Clarke Shores residents. With our easy-to-access online booking platform, you’ll waste no time scheduling the service you’re looking for. However, that’s not all we offer:

  • Carefully selected
  • Trustworthy & detail-oriented
  • Masterful & proficient
  • Accountable & disciplined

Our professionals are only several clicks away

Select the cleaning plan you wish and our experts will be at your home address in no time. They will take into account all of your needs and get your home spotless as quickly as possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should a house be deep cleaned?

A deep house cleaning is an extra-detailed service that tackles heavy build-up, hard-to-reach areas, and deeply ingrained dirt. Due to how extensive it is, you usually only need to have it done a few times a year, or in preparation for recurring maid service visits.

Should I tip my cleaning person?

Although there is no obligation to reward house cleaners from Lake Clarke Shores for a good job, you definitely can. Besides encouraging the cleaner to keep up the good work, giving a tip also establishes a good relationship between the customer and the cleaner. To be on the safe side, it’s recommended to tip around 15-20 percent of the service price.

Do house cleaners tidy up?

It’s best for you to tidy up your place and place fragile items away from the cleaners’ path before the arrival of your maid service. If, however, a few items remain scattered throughout the home, our professionals will usually be ready to pick them up.

Are you supposed to clean before a maid comes?

Absolutely not, that’s what you’re scheduling a house or apartment cleaning service for! At most, you should clear out any large clutter that may prevent our team from reaching the areas they’re supposed to tidy up. Otherwise, just sit back and relax while our experienced professionals make your home in Lake Clarke Shores shine.

Where can I book reliable apartment & house cleaning services in Lake Clarke Shores & the vicinity?

With an established reputation for offering tried-and-true cleansing sessions in the region, Yorleny Cleaning Services is prepared to send high-level professionals to homes across the area.  We can also provide you with:

No matter where your home or renting apartment is located, our team is ready for your call and swift arrival at the place. While we are taking care of your space, you may enjoy your time in Lake Clarke Shores Community Park or at the nearby Memorial Park. Contact us for more information.