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We specialize in providing our clients in Cabana Colony & beyond with a range of house and apartment cleaning services. Our crew consists of thoroughly vetted specialists who were chosen for their diligence and competence. We only hire experts who exhibit a willingness to bring the extra effort to their work, all with the purpose of making our clients fully satisfied. We follow the most recent industry standards and implement the most effective tools and techniques to achieve desired results.

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Our top priority is to ensure our clients receive highly effective house cleaning services in a prompt and expedient manner. We’ll go the extra mile to devise an individually tailored plan that will take into account your preferences in every aspect. Scheduling an appointment with our detail-oriented technicians is the best way to bring cleanliness and order into your home in Cabana Colony and beyond.

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Our seasoned house cleaners can assist you in a wide variety of ways. You can count on them if you need a move in/out cleaning or just regular maintenance works. They can also clean your post-construction site and Airbnb or VRBO rental. Wide-reaching knowledge we amassed over the years enables us to help you in detailed home disinfection as well. In whatever they do, our pros are ready to show their strengths:

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  • Rigorously checked
  • Accountable & Dependable
  • Vetted in person

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Our user-friendly booking platform enables you to pick up the time and date that suits you the best. Our technicians will come to your place in no time and complete their job to your satisfaction.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a clean and a deep clean?

The main difference between regular and deep cleaning concerns the scope. Whereas the former includes only the most visible areas in your Cabana Colony home, the latter also covers less visible and often hard-to-reach spots. Regular cleaning is also meant to be done at much shorter intervals than a more comprehensive clean-up, which should be performed only a few times a year.

What are the 3 levels of cleaning?

Three crucial levels of cleaning involve wiping, sanitizing, and disinfecting. The first tier includes taking care of the most visible dirt such as clutter, crumbs, and dust. Sanitizing, on the other hand, contains practices aimed at reducing the number of germs and making it less likely for various microbes to develop. Finally, home and apartment disinfection includes thorough eradication of all detrimental microorganisms.

What are the 4 categories of cleaning?

Materials used to clean various surfaces in the home can be divided into four categories: degreasers, detergents, acids, and abrasives. Every agent you find on the shelf belongs to some of these categories. All of them have a vital role in different aspects of household cleaning.

What is the 1-minute rule for cleaning?

This rule says: if a task can be completed in a minute or less, it should be done without delay. Many professional house cleaners employ this strategy to bolster effectiveness and limit hesitation while cleaning homes in Cabana Colony. Most commonly, tasks that belong to this category include dishwashing and picking up items on the floor.

Who can I turn to for a streamlined maid service near me in Cabana Colony & the surrounding region?

We at Yorleny’s Cleaning Service are your go-to home and apartment cleaning providers in Palm Beach County. Many sanitized homes and satisfied customers behind us are our driving force for future success. We’ll make sure that, after our diligent house cleaners finish their work in your home, you’ll be more than willing to contact us again. Rest on us for:

While we do our work, you can take your sweet time and explore the beauties of nearby Cabana Colony Park or Frenchman’s Forest Natural Area. We promise that you’ll be amazed by our work when you come back. Schedule your session today!