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by OMG - August 25, 2020

How do you disinfect your house from viruses?Your home is supposed to be a safe refuge from the world, a place where you can retreat when you’re in need of rest and relaxation. However, our homes don’t remain neat and tidy effortlessly. To make matters worse, sometimes all the effort you put into cleaning isn’t enough, as dangerous viruses jump at every occasion to move into your home.

Germs’ strength is in numbers, but don’t let them get the better of you. Stop viruses from taking over by learning how to kill viruses in your house easily, quickly, and efficiently. And if you’d like both a pristine home and more time on your hands, you can always contact reliable house cleaners in Boynton Beach.

How do you disinfect your house from viruses?

Germs are what leads to bad indoor air quality, unpleasant odors and, ultimately, allergies and infections. When it comes to keeping your home a safe living environment, everyday cleaning just won’t cut it. Regular and efficient disinfection is the only way to make sure your home is healthy. But how can you make sure that you’re conducting disinfection accurately? Here are a few steps to follow:

Get correct information

First, you’d benefit from knowing what types of viruses and what kinds of bacteria are found in your house. Get detailed instructions on disinfection from reliable sources, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you’re worried about the transmission of the novel coronavirus, keep up with the latest news on COVID-19 in Palm Beach County.

Purchase a fitting product

The majority of EPA-registered household disinfectants should suffice. However, you should make sure to only use your disinfectant the way it was intended. You’ll find the instructions on the product’s label. You could also use diluted household bleach – prepare the mixture by adding 5 tablespoons of bleach to a gallon of water. Never use bleach undiluted, as it’s too strong and potentially harmful.

Get the procedure right

  • Put on protective gloves before you start the cleaning and disinfection process as some products can be damaging to your skin
  • Clean all the surfaces in your home with soapy water to reduce the number of germs on them
  • High touch areas, such as door handles, remote controls, keyboards, bathroom taps, kitchen sinks, etc. have to be regularly disinfected with your disinfectant of choice
  • Let the disinfectant sit for several minutes. Look for the exact dwell time on the label of the product to ensure its optimal effectiveness
  • Take off your gloves and wash your hands immediately to avoid skin irritation
  • Store all disinfection products in a place that’s inaccessible to children and animals
  • When disinfecting electrical appliances, try using specifically designed disinfectant wipes to avoid the tech from getting wet and damaged

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