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by OMG - March 30, 2022

How to clean countertops naturally

Kitchen countertops are high‐touch surfaces with a lot of things going on around them. They serve so many purposes. You perform different actions that leave traces in this area: you prepare food, unpack your groceries, drink your morning coffee. This is the reason why it’s necessary to give them a proper scrub on a daily basis. 

As there are professionals in Westlake that offer a comprehensive maid service, you can feel free to leave it up to them. However, if you prefer dealing with your own countertops, have a look at these handy tips to keep them shiny and hygienic.  

How to clean countertops naturally?

What’s the best thing to use on kitchen countertops

There are a lot of different ingredients you can mix to make a cleaner you can safely use around food. However, one of the most effective, yet gentle options is baking soda. You can make a scrubbing paste or a spray solution and apply it anywhere in your kitchen. 

It’s good to know that this ingredient is alkaline. This means it easily cuts through dirt, grease, oils, and proteins, which makes it perfect for scrubbing your kitchen sink as well. It also removes odors and stubborn stains (for example wine and tomato sauce). 

What’s the best thing to use on kitchen countertops?

Unfortunately, one solution does not fit all materials that countertops are usually made of and harsh chemicals can easily damage most materials. Have a look at the following options and choose what best fits your own countertop. 


To keep your wooden countertops looking good, you should wipe them daily using a sponge and a bit of dish soap. Simply add a couple of drops onto a wet sponge and give it a nice scrub. Rinse the sponge, and then use it to wipe down the counter. Make sure you dry the surface with a clean cloth.

Granite and marble

You should only use mild methods with marble, granite, and other natural stones, and avoid any acidic products. To keep your surface hygienic and shiny, add a squirt of mild dish soap to a bowl of warm water. Use a soft cloth or the non‐abrasive side of the sponge to wipe down the whole area. Rinse with clear water and use a microfiber cloth to dry and buff for shine. 


Laminate is quite easy to maintain. All you need is a mild all‐purpose solution and a cotton cloth. Dampen the cloth with clear water. Spray the liquid onto the entire surface and wipe down with the cloth. Don’t use acidic products or abrasive tools such as scouring pads to avoid damaging the counter. 

Stainless steel

To keep your stainless steel shiny, all you need to do is apply a couple of drops of dish detergent onto the non‐abrasive side of a wet sponge. Scrub the surface following the direction of the grain. Rinse with clear water and dry with a cotton cloth. For extra shine, you can apply a bit of olive oil onto a microfiber cloth and buff the surface. 

Where in Westlake can I hire a reliable maid service?

Where in Westlake can I hire a reliable maid service

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