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by OMG - April 13, 2022

What is the best way to clean tiles

While it’s not necessary to thoroughly clean your tile floors on a daily basis, you should know how to properly maintain them and keep them looking as good as new. For most homeowners, this is not a complicated procedure, but it does involve certain tricks for complete success. 

If you decide to hire one of the professional companies that offer comprehensive cleaning services in Westlake to make your tiles sparkle, you’ve got nothing to worry about. However, if you’d still like to find the best way to keep your floors spick and span, read on. 

What is the best way to clean tiles?  

The best way to take care of your tiles depends on the material they’re made of. Let’s take a look at how to deal with different materials: 

Porcelain and ceramicsIs there a reliable company offering extensive cleaning services in Westlake

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are fairly durable and their maintenance is quite straightforward. First, make sure you vacuum or sweep the floor to remove grit and sand which can make the surface of your tiles look dull. 

Next, use a mix of clean water and a mild detergent and wipe them down with a mop or a rag. Make sure you replace the solution often during the process since dirty water will make the tiles cloudy. To avoid water spots, dry the entire surface using a clean cloth right after washing. 


If your tiles are made of natural stone such as granite, slate, or marble, you should treat them with special care. Any product containing an acidic substance can easily damage its surface, so it’s safer to opt for specific solutions made for natural stone only. However, you can also use a mild dishwashing detergent, making sure it doesn’t contain acidic ingredients.  

When it comes to tools, avoid any harsh materials that can scratch the surface. The best option is a microfiber cloth or a microfiber mop. 

How do you remove tough stains from tiles?

When it comes to stain removal, it’s important to know what type of stain it is in order to apply an appropriate solution. Here are some of the most common stains you’ll have to deal with:

How do you remove tough stains from tiles


  • Wine, tea, fruit juice, or coffee. Soak paper towels or a cloth with hydrogen. Let it sit on the stain for a couple of minutes. Wipe down and rinse thoroughly.
  • Grease. Use carbonated club soda to wash the area, then rinse with hot water.
  • Permanent marker or ink. Soak a cloth with hydrogen and blot the stain with it. Use another cloth soaked in hydrogen and let it sit on the stain for about five minutes. Rinse with clean water.
  • Blood. Fill a container with 10 parts hot water and 1 part bleach and mix it well. Pour it over the stain, then wipe it down with a cloth. Pour the solution again and let sit until it evaporates. 
  • Tar, wax, or gum. Apply a pack of ice and let it sit until the substance has solidified. Use a silicone‐tipped stick to remove the substance. Rinse with clean water.

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