Top 7 Professional Cleaning Tips | The Acreage FL Maid Services

by OMG - November 15, 2022

Even if you already have your own, long-established routine, implementing a couple of new hacks and tricks every now and then is necessary to stay up to date with the latest advancements regarding tools and supplies and keep your home clean as efficiently as possible.

What better way to do this than take advice from professionals in The Acreage, FL, who provide quality maid services? Keep reading to learn more about the most efficient cleaning tips coming from the leading experts.How do professional cleaners clean a house

How do professional cleaners clean a house?

From laundry to fingertips on your fridge, the following tips will help you stay on top of your household chores and tackle them like a pro:

Pull your vacuum slowly

Most people tend to push their vacuum cleaner a lot, making quick moves and hurrying to move on to the following task. However, the secret to properly and thoroughly pulling dirt out of your carpets and other floor coverings is to slowly pull your cleaner towards you. The same goes for hard surfaces.

Let your toilet brush drip dry

When you need to give your toilet bowl a final scrub with the brush, you should make sure it’s clean before putting it back. Once the scrubbing is over, flush the toilet and thoroughly rinse the brush. Close the toilet lid onto the brush handle and let it drip dry for about 10 minutes.

Use oil for fingerprints

The fingertips on your stainless steel fridge can be extremely annoying, especially if your little ones love leaving theirs all around. However, if you apply just a drop of baby or olive oil and wipe down the fridge, it will not only remove the existing smudges, but also prevent new ones from appearing.

Remove water stains with vinegar

Mineral deposits and water stains on your bathroom fittings can be difficult to remove. However, all you need to do is soak paper towels in white vinegar and wrap them around the stained areas. Let them sit for about 20 minutes, then simply wipe the stains away.

Remove stains with white chalk

With some white chalk at hand, you won’t have to worry about greasy stains on your clothes anymore. However, you’ll need to be quick and rub the chalk into the stain as soon as possible. Leave it in for at least 10 minutes, and it will absorb the grease from the stain.

Use oil to remove marker

Whether you have creative kids leaving drawings all around the place, or you accidentally left a couple of permanent marker scuffs, rest easy knowing that you can remove it from most surfaces with a bit of vegetable oil. Simply apply some onto a microfiber cloth and rub it in. Wipe down with a clean damp cloth, and you’re good to go.

Start with the worst task

When you clean the worst thing in the room first, the rest of the area is a breeze. In the bathroom, this is typically the shower, in the kitchen, it’s the oven or stove, and in other rooms, it’s likely your chandelier or the ceiling fan. Once you deal with it, you’ll feel better motivated to finish the rest.

Where in The Acreage, FL can I hire comprehensive maid services?

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