Spring Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid | Jupiter House Cleaning Service

by OMG - April 21, 2021

How do you make spring cleaning more efficientThe long list of cleaning tasks that should be included in a detailed spring clean surely isn’t something to be excited about. But, with the right mindset and a detailed plan, you can turn cleaning into a fun activity for the whole family. Still, with an in-depth cleaning project such as your spring clean, it’s easy to overlook certain parts of your home or to make mistakes you’re not even aware of.

To make sure everything is properly cleaned, you can hire some of the dependable cleaning service providers in Jupiter that provide an in-depth spring house cleaning service. Alternatively, you can take on this challenge by yourself with the help of some practical tips. Read on to learn what to avoid during your spring clean.

How do you make spring cleaning more efficient?

Apart from knowing what should be included in spring cleaning, it’s also helpful to understand what to avoid in order to make your cleaning efficient. Have a look at these common spring cleaning mistakes:

Not having a plan

Starting your cleaning without a plan can make the actual cleaning time longer since you don’t have a clear overview of the process. With a detailed to-do list, not only will you have better control over the tasks, but you will also be able to distribute the tasks more easily to other family members. This is especially valuable if you have children as they can do age-appropriate tasks and learn responsibility.

Improper tools and equipment

In the days ahead of your spring cleaning, make sure to check your equipment. Tools such as brushes, cloths, dusters, vacuum cleaners, and others, should be clean and in proper working order so you can get the best results. You should also stock up on effective and non-toxic cleaning products.

Going in the wrong direction

To move in the right direction means to clean a room from ceiling to floor. In fact, top levels are usually overlooked, and if you remember to clean them after you have already cleaned everything else, you risk spreading dust all over again. So, start from your light fixtures and then gradually work your way down to carpets.

Overlooking the outdoors

As you focus on so many indoor tasks, it’s easy to forget about the outdoor areas such as your garage, deck, and porch. However, this is the perfect time to clean your patio furniture so you can enjoy relaxing moments in the sun with your morning coffee.

Starting off in a bad mood

While it is easy to get discouraged by only glancing at the long cleaning checklist, you should try to focus on positive things that this venture can bring. Spring cleaning activities are healthy for many reasons and they are also a chance to improve your home and give it a fresh look.

Instead of focusing on how difficult it is going to be, play your favorite music and imagine the amazing results of your effort. Once you’re done, you can celebrate with your family with a party, pizza, or a movie, and make it an extra incentive to keep the whole family going throughout the cleaning adventure.

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