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We provide homeowners in Jupiter, including Admiral’s Cove with comprehensive house cleaning and disinfection services that check off all the boxes. You may book our standard or deep cleaning package, or use our advanced scheduling platform to explore our specialized Airbnb and move-in/move-out cleaning options. Our insured & licensed experts use proven cleaning products and disinfectants and rely on tried-and-tested methods to keep your household germ-free. With us, you get a full package and can enjoy our client-focused customer care designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

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Your satisfaction is our top priority

We’ve promised our clients the ultimate satisfaction, and that’s the promise we intend to keep. Our honesty and dedication to our customers from Jupiter and its neighborhoods such as Admiral’s Cove are backed up by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you are not content with certain aspects of our house cleaning service, dial our number within the first 24 hours, and we will make sure to fix the error promptly.

Why choose our house cleaners in Jupiter?

Because we care about your needs. Here in Jupiter, as well as Admiral’s Cove, we hire professionals who know the ins & outs of the cleaning trade. They have all undergone a thorough vetting process and have been reference- and background-checked. Besides, we take time to meet each and every cleaner we hire and conduct detailed in-person interviews to carefully assess their skills and personalities. Their unquestionable expertise, paired with advanced tools and professional-grade supplies, ensures that the job will be completed according to industry standards.

  • Qualified & Experienced
  • Interviewed In-Person
  • Background & Reference Checked
  • Meticulous & Reliable

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Frequently asked questions

What is expected from a house cleaner?

Have you decided to hire professional house cleaners to sanitize your home, but you are not really sure what you can anticipate? Here is a list of some of the must-have qualities that you should keep in mind when choosing your cleaning service provider from Jupiter and local neighborhoods such as Admiral’s Cove, or the area:

  • Professional approach and punctuality;
  • Vast experience in dealing with different cleaning challenges;
  • Readiness to work around your schedule and tailor their methods to your specific requirements;
  • The ability to finish the job within the agreed time frame, and similar.

Here at Yorleny’s Cleaning Service, we offer exactly that. Give us a call today, and we’ll do our best to ensure the optimal cleanliness of your home in the shortest possible time. 

How do professional cleaners clean bathrooms?

Germs, viruses, and mold thrive in warm, damp places like your bathroom. Therefore, responsible cleaning professionals always make sure to pay extra attention to this part of the home, leaving nothing to chance. Our seasoned professionals in house cleaning services in Admiral’s Cove and other neighborhoods in Jupiter will do the following:

  • Clean the tub and shower,
  • Scrub the sink,
  • Disinfect the toilet,
  • Mop the floor,
  • Wipe down cabinets, and more.

In case you have any questions, or special requests, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will be happy to provide you with a bathroom cleaning service customized to your preference. 

Is hiring a professional house cleaner worth it?

Absolutely! Yorleny’s Cleaning Service has been a part of the Jupiter community, including Admiral’s Cove for a long time and our main mission is to render a trusted maid service that will improve your living conditions and keep your home allergen-free. These are some of the perks that come along with our highly-rated services:

  • More free time to spend with your family and friends;
  • Healthier and safer home;
  • Regular house maintenance;
  • Higher-quality deep cleaning;
  • Long-term savings;
  • Mold-free household;
  • Improved air quality, and much more.

What should I do while my maid is cleaning?

Whether you want to stay at home and monitor your cleaners, or go about your work while they finish the job is completely up to you. With Yorleny’s Cleaning Service, you get insured and background-screened technicians whom you can trust to approach every task seriously, regardless of whether they are being supervised or not. 

So, if you have already scheduled a business lunch in one of the amazing restaurants in the vicinity of Juno Dunes Natural Area, or simply want to relax over a cup of coffee at Carlin Park, don’t postpone your arrangements. We will take care of everything while you use this time to unwind, or focus on the things that matter to you. 

What is included in professional disinfection service?

If you’re looking to hire professionals to thoroughly disinfect your home, it’s important to hire knowledgeable disinfection experts. Only experienced cleaners are able to provide a comprehensive home disinfection service in Jupiter, including Admiral’s Cove, that will get your home completely clean and fresh. But, who do you call? Well, Yorleny’s Cleaning Service, who else?

We are a professional house cleaning and disinfection company that provides detail-oriented services. Our cleaners will use only the most effective EPA-approved products to disinfect your home and make sure all of the high-touch surfaces around your home are safe to use. Also, they will disinfect the upholstery, appliances, and fixtures for an in-depth disinfection. Reach out to us today!

Do cleaners provide cleaning supplies?

Whether or not house cleaners bring their own supplies depends on the cleaning company you choose to hire. While some companies provide cleaning products, others don’t, claiming that it’s better for you to choose the products yourself and ensure your home is cleaned using the products that suit your particular needs best.

But, what’s the point of hiring professional cleaners if you’re supposed to think about providing the products? At Yorleny’s Cleaning Service we believe in an all-inclusive approach to cleaning. Our cleaners will bring everything they need to get your home in Jupiter or neighborhoods such as Admiral’s Cove shining, so you don’t have to worry about a single aspect of it. Contact us today!

How much does a maid service cost?

It’s best to check the price of your maid service in Admiral’s Cove and across Jupiter by contacting reputable house cleaning professionals from Yorleny’s Cleaning Service. Give us the info about your home we need, and we’ll do our best to provide you an accurate estimate of the potential costs. Reach out to us today!

What is the difference between a cleaner and a disinfectant?

While both are necessary components of your cleaning kit, they’re not one and the same. A cleaner removes impurities from surfaces, a disinfectant targets the pathogens living on them. Cleaning is the first step to a safe and hygienic environment. After you’ve removed the dirt and mechanically reduced the concentration of contaminants in an area, it’s time to apply a disinfectant and let it kill the remaining germs and bacteria. Yorleny’s Cleaning Service can do this for you with effective home disinfection techniques in Jupiter and the neighboring areas.

What is the importance of disinfection?

As disinfection is the only way to get rid of the vast majority of contaminants found on your household surfaces, it is a must, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if you clean regularly, the germs and viruses that inhabit your home are resilient, and can only be tackled with suitable disinfectants. Here at Yorleny’s Cleaning Service, we follow strict safety protocols to protect your health and ensure your satisfaction. With our reliable home disinfection service in Jupiter or the vicinity, you’ll get:

  • Prompt response
  • Optimized results
  • Healthful home environment
  • Greater convenience

Searching for a trustworthy maid service in Jupiter or the surrounding area?

You’ve found it! Yorleny’s Cleaning Service is one of the best-regarded house cleaning providers in the entire Palm Beach County. Our top-notch cleaners stand behind a number of professionally executed cleaning projects across Wellington and have been known for rendering reliable maid services in Lake Worth, and throughout the area. 

We cater to residents of Jupiter, Admiral’s Cove, and all the surrounding neighborhoods. Contact us today and we will show up at your address fully equipped to tackle any cleaning challenge, no matter how simple or complex it may be.