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by OMG - August 15, 2022

How to Clean a Kid’s Room in 7 Quick Steps

The joy that kids bring into our lives is truly immense, but so is the mess they’re capable of making in an unbelievably short time. If you’re like most parents, you constantly worry about keeping your little one’s area always tidy and hygienic. Luckily, there are some great tips to help you do it more efficiently. 

You can save a lot of time by hiring comprehensive house cleaning services at a dependable company in Loxahatchee, FL. However, if you have a look at these seven quick steps, you’ll always be ready to deal with your kid’s room

How should I clean my kid’s room?

While managing this task may seem overwhelming, a good plan can save you a lot of trouble. Here’s what you can do to restore order and cleanliness to your child’s room more quickly and with less stress. 

How should I clean my kid’s room

Tackle the clothes

A good way to start decluttering is to collect all the clothes lying around. Bring a hamper or a caddy with you and place any dirty clothing which you can later put away in the laundry room. If there are any clean garments, fold them and put them back into the closet. 

Dispose of the trash

Now that the clothing items are gone, it will be easier to spot pieces of trash. Grab a bag and collect used tissues, crumpled papers, food wrappers, or anything else that belongs in the garbage. Don’t forget to check under the bed. 

Pick up the toys

You’ve removed almost all the clutter and now it’s time to put the toys back where they belong. Check if any are stained or dirty and put those into a separate bucket or container to disinfect them later. You can wash both plastic and stuffed toys, but when it comes to the mechanical ones, you can only wipe them down using a disinfectant and a cloth.

Dust away

Once the room is completely clutter‐free, grab a damp cloth and dust your way down starting from the light fixtures, moving on to the walls, shelves, window sills, and the rest of the surfaces, all the way to the floor. 


After getting rid of dust, it’s time to disinfect high‐touch areas. Grab your spray disinfectant and a clean cloth, and wipe down light switches, door knobs, the surface of the desk, as well as the drawer knobs.

Deal with the windows

The windows and mirrors in your kid’s room are usually full of their little fingerprints. Use a natural solution to safely remove the smudges and dirt, so they can have a clear view and sunlight pouring in. 

Finish off with the floor

Finally, it’s time to remove any loose dirt and dust by vacuuming the entire floor, covering both hardwood and carpet areas. Make a solution of your favorite disinfectant and finish off by mopping.

Depending on the age of your children, try including them in these tasks in an amusing way. It’s beneficial for their development, plus you’ll be able to finish in a shorter time. 

Where can I book comprehensive house cleaning services in Loxahatchee, FL?

Where can I book comprehensive house cleaning services in Loxahatchee, FL

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