How to Clean Your Garage in 4 Easy Steps

by OMG - July 15, 2022

How to Clean Your Garage in 4 Easy Steps

Your garage isn’t only an area where you keep your car safe from elements and intrusion. It is a part of your home that you can use for many different purposes. From a workshop, laundry room, play area, or storage unit, you can convert it into anything you like. However, this part of your property can easily get cluttered and when this happens, you might consider giving it a refreshing clean-up. 

With reliable professionals in Loxahatchee, FL you can opt for cleaning services to take care of the cleanliness of your garage. However, if you’d like to know more about how to make it spick and span and organize it as well, keep reading for some great tips.  

How do you clean and organize a garage?

While it may seem overwhelming at the beginning, especially if it’s been a while since you took care of your garage, a good plan will make it easier to reach your goal. Have a look at the following steps you can take to get this room all tidy again. 

Take inventory

This is a very important step before you actually start removing the clutter. Take as much time as you need for this step and don’t rush yourself. You’ll need four different colors of post‐it notes or stickers and assign a category to each – sell, donate, trash, and keep. This will make everything go faster once you start the organization process.

As you go and tag the items, make sure to keep count of them. This way, you’ll know how to proceed later on. If you have a lot of items marked as trash and they also include large things, you might consider renting a roll-off dumpster. Also, if you’re keeping some bulky items that might be on your way during the clean-up, you can rent a storage unit to place them there temporarily. 

Remove the trash

Where in Loxahatchee, FL can I book comprehensive and reliable cleaning services

This is actually the step where you declutter. Since you’ve already marked your belongings, all you need to do now is take them out of your garage and into a corresponding bin. Depending on the size and amount of the items, you can prepare 3 separate bins or containers for the things you want to sell, donate, or throw away. Once you’ve taken everything out, take some time to go over the things you were not sure whether to keep or not. 

Start disinfecting

To finally get your garage spick and span, start from the top corners. Clear out any cobwebs, dust the light fixtures, and wipe down the walls. Follow by washing the garage windows, then deal with the baseboards. Finally, vacuum the floor and finish with a good mop of the hard floor surfaces. 

Depending on how you’ve been using the garage so far, there might be some other, more specific tasks you need to do. For example, you’ll have to vacuum the garage door, remove skid marks, or tackle any upholstered furniture if you used it as an additional living area. 


Now that the clutter and dust are gone, it’s time to arrange and organize the items you decided to keep. The best way is to make zones and put similar things together. For instance, one corner can be a play area for the little ones while another could be your small home office. 

Where in Loxahatchee, FL can I book comprehensive and reliable cleaning services?


How do you clean and organize a garage

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