5 Ways to Make Your Airbnb Cleaning in Lake Worth More Efficient ?

by OMG - February 26, 2021

It should come as no surprise to hear that cleanliness is one of the biggest factors that affect the success (or failure) of an Airbnb rental. After all, no one wants to sleep in a less-than-clean property, especially when they’re paying to do so.

As a result, keeping your vacation rental fresh and tidy is one of your main responsibilities as an Airbnb host. Failing to approach your Airbnb cleaning in Lake Worth with utmost professionalism will inevitably result in unhappy guests and negative Airbnb ratings.

We previously looked at the basics of vacation rental cleaning and provided you with some pointers on how to properly disinfect an Airbnb to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Now we’ll help you streamline your rental property cleaning by giving you 5 cleaning hacks you can use to make your Airbnb cleanings more efficient. Read on!

How do I save time while cleaning my vacation rental?

Airbnb cleaning tends to be a lot more extensive and detail-oriented than regular home cleaning. Luckily, you can make it take less time and effort by applying the cleaning hacks we listed below.

5 Hacks to Save Time on Your Airbnb CleaningHere are 5 great ways to speed up your Airbnb cleaning:

1. A lint roller is a must

The last thing you want is for your guests to find lint, hair, or dust in your Airbnb. To make sure this doesn’t happen, run a lint roller over all fabrics and upholstery after you’ve completed your main cleaning tasks. You’ll be shocked by how many little pieces of debris and stray hairs you’ll pick up!

2. Use simple bedding

Combining many different colors and patterns on your bedding can look great, but it can make laundry day a nightmare. By using all-white pillowcases and sheets, you’ll make your laundering infinitely easier while also making your Airbnb look more spacious and open.

3. Diffuse essential oils

Want your Airbnb to feel as fresh and as inviting as possible when your guests arrive? Diffuse some essential oils! Natural essential oils such as peppermint allow you to freshen up the place without leaving overwhelming or lingering scents.

4. Pet hair sponges are extremely useful

Just because your Airbnb is pet friendly doesn’t mean your guests want to find dog or cat hair in it when they check in. By investing in a good pet hair sponge, you’ll be able to quickly remove any animal hair from your furniture.

5. Outsource your cleaning to the pros

By far the most effective (and recommended) way to keep an Airbnb clean is to schedule a recurring cleaning service with a reputable cleaning company. This not only ensures your guests’ satisfaction, but also provides you with some much-needed leisure time.

Should an Airbnb be cleaned right before a check-in?

As a rule of thumb, a vacation rental property should be professionally cleaned right after the previous guests have checked out. This not only gets the place ready for the next check-in, but also immediately identifies any missing or damaged items.

Of course, if it’s been a few weeks or even months since the last check-out cleaning, your Airbnb should be thoroughly dusted and aired before the next guests show up.

Where can I schedule a high-quality Airbnb cleaning in Lake Worth?

Where can I schedule a high-quality Airbnb cleaning in Lake WorthHaving the right cleaning pros on your side is crucial in order to impress your guests and earn positive ratings for your Airbnb. As the top cleaning company in Lake Worth, Yorleny’s Cleaning Service is perfectly equipped to supply you truly first-rate residential and vacation rental cleanings.

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