6 Essential Cleaning Tools for Every Home

by OMG - January 19, 2022

Whether you’ve just moved into a new space or you want to make some upgrades to your existing maintenance kit, you shouldn’t waste time or money on things you’ll probably never use. Instead, make an informed choice and go for equipment that’s really going to be of use to you

Proper tools will certainly cut down on your upkeep time. Another way to do it is to reach out to a dependable company in North Palm Beach and the surrounding areas and hire comprehensive maid service. If you’d like to equip your home with essential gear, read on to find out more.

Why are proper cleaning tools important?

There is one important reason for using proper equipment, and that’s efficiency. With the wrong tools, upkeep sessions become longer, and the results are not so satisfying. Moreover, improper equipment can even cause some damage to your objects and surfaces. Therefore, a small but valuable maintenance kit can help make your home spick and span in a safe and efficient manner.  

What important cleaning tools do I need? What important cleaning tools do I need

You probably already have some of these important items, or you might just be starting to create your own set. In any way, have a look at the following list of the most important home maintenance tools.


With a lot of different types of sponges, it might be difficult to choose the right one. However, a good classic sponge is always great to start with. Its abrasive side is great for dealing with dirt and grime. Another great investment is a silicone sponge which has multiple purposes and it’s long‐lasting. 


It’s always good having quite a few of these since you can use them for scrubbing, drying, or stain removal. When you purchase towels, make sure they’re white. This is very important because you’ll see when they become dirty, they will be easier to disinfect, and their color won’t transfer to your upholstery. 

Microfiber cloth

Equip yourself with several microfiber cloths, and you’ll be using them for most of the chores. They’re great because they can easily remove dirt or stains and they don’t leave streaks or scratches behind, which makes them perfect for window washing. 

SqueegeeWhy are proper cleaning tools important

Apart from working wonders on windows, a squeegee is a great ally in combating mildew and mold in your bathroom. To make it last longer, be careful not to damage the blade while you’re using it and when you store it. 


Buckets are a must-have for different reasons. Not only can you store your supplies in one, but you can also use it for a variety of tasks around your home such as mopping, soaking, and many more. 

Spray bottles

You can use a spray bottle when you need to rinse anything with water. In addition, they will come in handy when you try your own homemade cleaner and enjoy the advantages of natural cleaning products. Several small and a couple of larger spray bottles will cover your needs.

Where in North Palm Beach can I hire reliable maid service?

Where in North Palm Beach can I hire reliable maid service

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