The Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Rental Property

by OMG - February 3, 2021

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Owning a rental property may not be a passive business for some landlords. It entails a lot of hard work and commitment before you can make the most of it. Remember, there is competition out there. In order to attract tenants and stay in business, you need to engage in:

  • Marketing to advertise your business to renters, keep your property clean, and organize inspections for prospective tenants.
  • Regular maintenance and conduct periodic maintenance on the building and accessories. That will include the plumbing, electrical units, HVAC, roof, exterior, and so on.
  • Regulation, financial, and legal issues.
  • Emergency repairs and replacements.

From all these, hard work is still necessary so you can keep your rental property in decent shape. However, you can still run your rental property as a passive business if you secure a quality management system. Hiring qualified employees will help you handle the different aspects of care that your rental property needs.

As a landlord, you cannot play all these roles. It is in your best interest to allow professionals to take care of specific tasks while you relax and enjoy your passive income.

Cleaning your rental property is one area that you should allow experts to handle. People often underrate house cleaning because they think it is a simple task that anyone can perform. We will show you the benefits of hiring a cleaning service for your rental property.

1.      High quality cleaning


Professional cleaners maintain processes and standards for quality cleaning services. As a result, expert cleaners detect and expunge all dirt in any part of your rental property.

There are some hidden areas in a building that may be difficult to reach. Amateurs may not know these places. And even if they do, they find it difficult to clean those areas. Sometimes, you may only get to discover that there are many unreachable places in the middle of the work.

But when you hire a cleaning service, you are sure that they will exceed your expectations. Professional cleaners know all the crevices and corners that dirt hide in. Also, they possess the necessary techniques and equipment to access and clean those areas.

2.      Define the standard of cleanliness

The standard of cleanliness differs for different people. As a landlord, you need to set the standard that you want for your rental property. When you hire a cleaning service, they will help you to set the standard for your renters. And tenants will have no option but to maintain your property in the best state of cleanliness.

If you wait for tenants to clean your property when they vacate, they may not do it up to your standard. And your new tenants will find the property unimpressive. But when you hire a cleaning service, you will always be sure that your clients will find it impressive.

3.      Reduce vacancy rates


Landlords often want to open their property for inspection immediately as it becomes vacant. But you will not do this if your property is still dirty. When a tenant vacates from your property, it may not be as clean as it was before renting it.

For this reason, you have to clean the house before you open it for renters to inspect. The process of cleaning it by yourself will take time, and this will increase the vacancy rate. But if you hire a cleaning service, they will quickly clean the property once it is vacant.

Depending on the size, the work that can take you up to a week or two may take professional cleaners only a few days. As a result, you will open your property for inspection sooner, and the time it is vacant will be short.

4.      Saves money


Several things can make you lose money if you clean the house by yourself. The vacancy rate will increase, you may damage items, or the property may not as neat and clean. But hiring a cleaning service will prevent all these. By reducing the vacancy rate, a cleaning service helps you to save more money.

When your property is sparkling and neat, you can charge tenants higher rents. Also, professional cleaners protect your building from wear and tear. They know where and how to remove corrosive substances or dirt without harming the property. With the appropriate cleaning products and techniques, they can work on different surfaces without inflicting damages. And this will prevent you from spending money on repairs or replacements.

5.      Improve your business image


The landlord’s image is essential as far as it concerns rental properties. It is your image that will attract or scare prospective tenants. That is why you should strive to create a good impression about yourself.

If you hire a cleaning service, you will improve your business image. That is because experts will maintain a high level of cleanliness on the property. And renters will know that you are serious with the maintenance of your property.

The bottom line

Hiring a cleaning service will keep your property in a tip-top condition. It will also help to boost the passive income that you desire from your rental property.