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by OMG - August 13, 2021

While most people are not aware of this fact, an average person spends a third of their life sleeping. That is why your bedsheets accumulate a lot of skin oils, sweat, and dead skin cells during the night and throughout the week, becoming a breeding ground for dust mites.

It’s very important to clean your bed regularly and keep it germ‐free. Professional house cleaning services offered by dependable companies in Palm Beach Gardens can be of great help here. But, with a couple of tips, you’ll be able to keep your bed fresh, clean, and free of dust mites on your own, which will also help you have a good night’s sleep. Read on.

How do I keep my bed sheets from smelling?Secret-to-Keeping-Your-Bed-Sheets-Clean-and-Fresh

When you get down to the task of cleaning your bedroom, tending to your bed takes up a better part of it, but when the bed sheets are clean and tidy, the whole room looks that much nicer.

If you want to keep your sheets fresh for a longer time, the starting point is washing. Use a detergent and fabric softener of your choice. Make sure to take the sheets out of the washing machine immediately after the cycle is over. If you leave them inside for some time, your laundry will get stale.

For the same reason, you should make sure your sheets are completely dry before putting them away. If possible, air-dry the sheets and fold them loosely if you’re not going to use them right away. These steps will help your sheets stay fresh longer. Finally, when you put your sheets on the bed, you can make a small amount of solution, mixing water and a bit of fabric softener in a spray bottle, and spray it over the sheets.

How often should bed sheets be washed?

It is recommended to wash the bedding once a week or every two weeks. There are different factors that affect the ideal time between washing. If you are prone to allergies, it’s better to wash at least once a week. Also, if you sweat when you sleep, if you’re sick, shower in the morning rather than in the evening, or if you have pets, then you should wash your bedding more frequently.

What setting should you wash sheets on? How-often-should-bed-sheets-be-washed

With new machines available on the market, there are a lot of different cycles and settings you can choose from and some of them even have a special setting for bed linen. If your machine does have such a setting, feel free to use it for your sheets. If it doesn’t, you can go for a regular cycle and warm temperature rather than a very hot one.

Warm temperature is enough to properly clean and disinfect your sheets. But, if the sheets are very dirty because of illness or any other reason, they should be washed at a very hot temperature. If possible, try to avoid regular use of the very hot setting because your sheets will wear out more quickly.

Where can I book excellent house cleaning services in Palm Beach Gardens?

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