How to Clean Your Home In Between Maid Services | West Palm Beach FL

by OMG - February 1, 2023

Keeping-Your-Home-Tidy-Between-Cleaning-Service-AppointmentsWhen you hire maid services to deal with the mess in your home in West Palm Beach, FL, you get a professionally cleaned house, better air quality, and a healthier environment. However, this doesn’t last forever, especially if you have kids and pets.

If you want to keep your living space spick and span between cleaning appointments but don’t know how to do it, don’t worry! Keep on reading to get useful suggestions so that you can enjoy spending time in your home every day.

How do you keep your house tidy between appointments?

Everyone wants to keep their home looking and feeling fresh even after the professionals take care of it. While it can be difficult to stay on top of regular clean-ups with our busy schedules, there are ways to do it. Here are 5 tips for tidying up your home between scheduled appointments.

Declutter regularly

One of the best ways to declutter is to start small. For example, empty your junk drawer or fold your clothes that are on “the chair”. Also, you can look around and get a general idea of what you want to get rid of. You can donate or discard items you no longer need. This way, you’ll keep your home more organized while freeing up storage space and reducing clutter.

Designate a place for everything

Finding a place for everything in your home is a great way to keep it neat. It also ensures that you always remember where something is. After using an item, make sure to put it back where it belongs. This can include clearing up after a meal, placing a book back on the shelf after reading, or putting away laundry after folding it.

Empty the trash can often

It’s important to take out the trash often so that it doesn’t pile up and create a mess. If you can, try to take out the trash once a day or as soon as the bag gets full.

It’s also vital to clean the trash can in order to avoid the spread of bacteria, other contaminants, and bad smells. You can use hot water and soap or other effective products to remove most of the dirt and debris. Once you’re done, you should let it dry before putting a bag and the lid back on.

Clean up as you go

Whenever you can, rinse the sink, shower, and bathtub after use to minimize any build-up. Also, try to wipe any splatter or spill anywhere in your home right away to avoid stubborn stains. Cleaning up a bit right away can have a number of benefits, including less mess, feeling more in control and organized, and boosting your productivity.

Deal with pet fur

If you have a pet, then you probably know how tricky it is to tidy up your home and how fast pet fur can accumulate. What you can do is use shedding combs and take your dog to a de-shedding treatment. Also, try to sweep or vacuum whenever you can.

How-do-you-keep-your-house-tidy-between-appointmentsWhat are the most reliable maid services in West Palm Beach, FL?

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