5 Ways to Get Your Husband to Help With Cleaning

by YCS - October 18, 2022

Ways-to-Get-Your-Husband-to-Help-With-CleaningLadies, if you feel like you’re doing an unfair share of household chores, you’re not alone and you’re not imagining it. According to research, while 55% of men are happy with chore division in their domestic relationship, only 38% of women feel the same. If you feel stressed, it’s time to speak to your partner, since keeping quiet fosters resentment, which isn’t a good scenario for a positive family life.

While you can both agree on reaching out to reliable home cleaning services in Loxahatchee Groves, FL, doing it yourselves can have a lot of benefits. Keep reading to find out about the most effective ways to motivate your husband to clean.

How can I motivate my husband to clean?

If your partner shows little or no interest in taking part in the housework, don’t get too angry with him sas he’s yet to realize he needs to fight the inglorious historical heritage regarding housekeeping left to us by our ancestors. If you’d like to get him motivated to do it, the following tips will help you on your way to fairly shared chores:


Communication is the first step towards your goal, so make sure to effectively convey how important housework is, but try avoiding a preachy tone while doing it since it can be counterproductive. Simply let him know how much time it takes to get everything done and what range of responsibilities you have to tackle.

Create lists

Compiling a list is definitively the most constructive and objective way of distributing tasks evenly, and it’s best if you do it together. This way you’ll both be able to stay on track with everything that needs to be done around the home. Plus, you can choose to do a couple of tasks together, making everything a lot more fun.


Making a list and talking about chores sometimes just isn’t enough. Your partner could be unconsciously undermining your efforts and the best way to show him the actual scope of housework is to have him experience it by switching roles. Let him do everything you usually do for a couple of days so he can be more empathetic.

Teach him

Teaching him how to perform different housekeeping tasks is especially important if your husband is new to cleaning. However, remember to take your time and be patient, being aware of the fact that the time you invest in showing him the do’s and don’ts of cleaning is the time invested in building a firm foundation for balance in everything.

Allow for flexibility

No matter how perfectly you have balanced the list of responsibilities, there will certainly be situations when it’s not possible to strictly follow the schedule. It’s important not to insist on doing it at any cost, but rather step in for each other and take over each other’s tasks in situations such as work emergencies or anything similar that might come up.

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